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Blueberry Growing Media

The Blueberry growing media available from BVB Substrates are tailor-made and produced to fit the exact needs of the grower. Our Sales Advisors can offer advice to achieve the best solutions depending on, for example, the demands of the crop, water quality, cultivation and irrigation methods, preferences of the grower, or the sustainability requirements.

Growing blueberries

Blueberries can be grown in open soil or in containers. Growing blueberries in containers can be more efficient and sustainable, but the blueberry bush has a number of demands regarding the medium it grows in.

From propagation to the blueberry production, each plant requires an extremely stable medium with excellent moisture levels and air content. The plant will be in the same growing medium for multiple years in a row, so there can’t be any compromises with regards to quality.

BVB Substrates supplies growers with blueberry growing media that meet all the requirements for luxuriant growth.

Growing blueberries in open soil

If needed, we can provide growers with our BVB Soil Improver made of white peat, which is added to the soil in open field production. In this way, the quality of the soil – and as a result, the yield – is optimized.

Blueberry Excellent

Blueberry Excellent is the ideal mixture for growing blueberries in containers. The composition is based on coarse white peat, high-quality cocopeat and perlite. This results in a highly-stable blueberry mixture that has excellent drainage properties combined with high air and water capacities.

The composition of this growing medium guarantees quick water absorption and a high air content at all times, which are absolutely crucial for blueberry cultivation.

Blueberry Excellent Propagation

We base the composition of this mixture on the exact pot size that the customer uses. It is generally made of medium-coarse or fine European black peat, combined with well-washed and buffered coir and perlite.

This blueberry growing medium has been specifically designed for the optimal propagation of blueberry plants. The composition ensures excellent air content, which is crucial for the development of strong roots.

It is also possible to add slow-release fertilizers with trace elements, if this is required by the grower.

BVB TopClean

In addition to growing media, we can also provide a suitable cover agent. Our cover agent, BVB TopClean, prevents the growth of moss and other weeds, saving the grower a lot of work. It also ensures the top layer of the growing medium dries quickly and stays in place, even during transportation or in windy weather. It is perfectly safe to use for berry farming.

Ask for an offer!

Contact our team for support or guidance regarding your blueberry cultivation, or ask about an offer for one of our products.