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Professional growing media for ornamentals

BVB Substrates offers several tailor-made growing media for the cultivation of various ornamental plants, such as bedding plants, flowering pot plants, green plants and orchids.

Orchid growing media

We offer various types of orchid growing media based on premium quality bark of different fraction sizes.

Growing media for ornamental plants

We offer high-quality growing media for bedding plants, flowering pot plants and green plants. Depending on the exact requirements of the crops and the circumstances at your facilities, the optimal mixture will be composed by our Sales Advisors.

Our growing media are made from a variety of excellent raw materials. High-quality European peat often is one of the main components in our mixtures. We also mix in additional materials to achieve the best physical and chemical properties. Some of these raw materials are:

  • Premium cocopeat
  • Wood fiber
  • Perlite

If you are looking to boost the performance of your flowering, or green plants, use professional growing media for ornamentals by BVB Substrates!

Contact our team

Reach out to our team to receive an offer for the best growing media to use for your ornamental plants.