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Lettuce & Herbs

Get optimal performance from your lettuce production

BVB Substrates offers a high-quality range of professional growing media with different properties, produced according to the requirements of the grower and the growing system. Water retention, controllability, vegetative/generative nature, air ratio, volume and cultivation system are the factors that need to be taken into account to achieve the best results.

All of our HYDRO products are part of our special food safety testing protocol. We perform strict testing for harmful human pathogens and ensure product safety.

Different growing systems

Hydroponic systems

Lettuce and herbs are commonly produced in hydroponic systems such as NFT (Nutrients Film Technique) and DWC (Deep Water Culture). Another well-known cultivation method is the use of an ebb and flood system. However, each type of system calls for specific properties in the growing media.

We offer growing media for lettuce and herbs that have been especially developed for hydroponic systems.

Narrow trays

Farmers often choose to grow their herbs in very narrow trays or pots. This growth method requires various things from the growing media that are used. We offer specialized fine mixtures designed for growing herbs in narrow trays.

Green automation gutters

Lettuce can also be cultivated in green automation gutters. The automated processes involved in this growing method call for suitable growing media. The growing medium is placed into narrow gutters or trays and pots, which also calls for a fine texture.

Only by using the right substrate for the right situation, you can get optimal performance from your lettuce production.

We offer various specialized product lines for the cultivation of leafy greens and herbs. In this table, you find a quick overview of our different standard products and their uses. Your substrate will be tailored to the exact needs of your facilities.


A novelty substrate focused on boosting overall root health and performance in your crops! The unique composition of HYDRO-Fit-Green means that plant roots can thrive under the influence of three specialised properties: optimal physical characteristics, an exceptional chemical/nutrient buffer and support from beneficial micro life.


HYDRO-Fit-M is a highly optimized, consistent substrate combining optimal physical characteristics with excellent chemical performance.
It is a universal bled that can be used for the cultivation of leafy greens and herbs in round pots over 7cm, or square pots sized 9x9cm and 10x10cm.

HYDRO-Fit-M consists of medium-coarse high-quality European peat, from which the dust has been removed.



HYDRO-Fit-D is a very well-balanced substrate that combines all the best properties you are looking for when growing in hydroponic systems.

The composition and structure of HYDRO-Fit-D ensure that water and nutrients coming in through the growing system are distributed well and carried toward the crop roots in a timely and consistent manner. In addition, the exceptional structure of this mix ensures healthy roots and high performance, even in wet conditions.

This means that this blend contributes to reducing plant stress and optimizes growth.
HYDRO-Fit-D can be used in all types of hydroponic systems. This substrate mixture is also available for organic growing.

The HYDRO-Sprout Line features mixtures of the finest texture. This product line has been specially developed to meet the needs of loose-leaf cuttings in the most narrow tray sizes.


HYDRO-Sprout-M is a specialized substrate that is particularly suitable for the cultivation of baby leaves and teen leaves in narrow floating trays used in DWC systems.

The blend is very smooth and extremely consistent, offering reliability throughout the year. With BVB Substrates’ HYDRO-Sprout-M you can be sure of an optimal start for your crop due to the excellent grip that it provides to the roots.


Just like HYDRO-Sprout-M, this specialized blend is optimized for use in the cultivation of baby and teen leaves in narrow floating trays used in DWC systems.

It is specifically designed to be relatively sticky so that it keeps together well during cultivation and there is mini-mum loss of organic matter ending up in the water solution.


Our HYDRO-Turbo substrate offers a boosted air-filled porosity due to the use of our unique dust removal system. This makes this blend particularly excellent for the cultivation of baby leaves in DWC, but it can be used for all types of leafy greens, in any hydroponic system.

HYDRO-Turbo truly lives up to its name because of the turbine system used to screen the small (0-1mm and 0-2mm) particles out of the blend. This process boosts air-filled porosity by reducing the presence of the smallest pores. Small pores hold water more strongly, making the plants use higher force and more energy to obtain it. By removing these particles and simultaneously getting rid of the small pores, we make it easier for the crop to absorb water.


HYDRO-Boost-M stands out from our other HYDRO substrates due to the extremely strong structure it offers. Even in extremely wet environments, this blend retains its volume and stabilizes its properties.

This substrate is the optimal choice for the cultivation of head lettuce in DWC systems and leafy greens in biodegradable pots in NFT systems.

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