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Lettuce & Herbs

BVB Substrates offers a high-quality range of professional growing media with different properties, produced according to the requirements of the grower and the growing system. Water retention, controllability, vegetative / generative nature, air ratio, volume and cultivation system are the factors which need to be taken into account to achieve the best results.

Different growing systems

Hydroponic systems

Lettuce and herbs are commonly produced in hydroponic systems such as NFT (Nutrients Film Technique) and DWC (Deep Water Culture). Another well-known cultivation method is the use of an ebb and flood system. However, each type of system calls for specific properties in the growing media.

We offer growing media for lettuce and herbs that have been especially developed for hydroponic systems.

Narrow trays

Farmers often choose to grow their herbs in very narrow trays or pots. This growth method requires various things from the growing media that are used. We offer specialized fine mixtures designed for growing herbs in narrow trays.

Green automation gutters

Lettuce can also be cultivated in green automation gutters. The automated processes involved in this growing method call for suitable growing media. The growing medium is placed into narrow gutters or trays and pots, which also calls for a fine texture.

HYDRO-Fit Line

This product line for Leafy Greens is focused on the growing requirements of hydroponic systems.


HYDRO-Fit-M is a multi-purpose mixture. This means that HYDRO-Fit-M is suitable for growing all types of leafy greens, ranging from herbs to multiple species of lettuce.

This growing medium can be used in all types of hydroponic systems.

HYDRO-Fit-M consists of medium-coarse high-quality European peat, from which the dust has been removed.


This is a darker version of the HYDRO-Fit-M mixture. It contains different types of fine-screened European peat and is also suitable for growing organic products.

HYDRO-Sprout Line

The HYDRO-Sprout Line features mixtures of the finest texture. This product line has been specially developed to meet the needs of loose-leaf cuttings in the most narrow tray sizes.


This multi-purpose growing medium is suitable for a variety of loose-leaf cuttings. It has a very fine grade to fit the smallest pots used in narrow cultivation methods.

The mixture is composed entirely of very finely screened European peat. This peat is of a high quality and is free from sticks or clumps.

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