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Our Products

Different crops do best under different circumstances. Various types of plants have specific requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve the highest yield, the most beautiful flowers or the strongest plants. That’s why we believe in producing crop-specific mixtures that can be tailored to best fit the specific conditions at your facilities. We only use the best raw materials to create state-of-the-art growing media that will really help you achieve your goals. Look for your crop below to find out what products we offer, to support you and your plants during different stages of growth.

Our Product Categories

We offer tailor-made, high-quality growing media that is adjusted to match different crops, growing systems and climate conditions. Have a look at our range of crop categories to find the type of mixture that is best suited to your professional business.

Medicinal Cannabis

The production of Medical Cannabis comes with specific requirements. BVB Substrates offers growing media for medical cannabis that fit the needs of the mother plants, stimulate vegetative growth and support the development of flowers and buds.