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To get the best growing media with the right properties for your plants and cultivation method, BVB Substrates blends different types of peat and other raw materials. The dust removal technology creates airy and stable mixtures even without perlite! BVB Substrates has specialized mixtures for commonly used pot sizes in the USA. This is a unique part of the portfolio, not covered by other suppliers.

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Are you using the best?

The Horticultural Substrates Laboratory in the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University has compared the performance of our growing media to the current market standard in the United States. Our high-quality growing media outmatch all of them, proving that BVB Substrates really offers the best for your crops.

A unique part of the BVB Substrates portfolio is our offering specialized for specific container sizes. You can see the difference that makes in our whitepaper!