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Growing media for succulents

We offer various growing media for succulents, designed for different types of professional growing. All succulent products provide you with excellent hydrodynamics. Meaning that the growing media are easy to re-wet after dry periods and have good water absorption rates.


This growing medium for succulents perfectly fits the dry growing practises these plants require. SUCCULENT-Easy ensures you of easy growing in 2” pots. The blend is designed for versatile use.


This standard mixture is suitable for use with dry growing practises. The addition of sand helps to keep the pots heavier. SUCCULENT-Heavy offers optimum capilarity for ebb and flood system and easier re-wetting after dry period


This blend for dry growing practises for succulents contains clay. The clay provides better re-wettability and water absorption. In addition this mixture offers a higher cation exchange capacity. It is suitable for heavier pots and dry growing practise

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Professional growing media for succulents

Succulent plants are a special type of crop. They are known to be equipped to grow in harsh climates with limited nutritional or structural support from the soil. They are able to last through these tough circumstances thanks to their thickened leaves that store moisture. Dry growing is the most common professional growing method for these crops. This requires growers to use a substrate blend that supports these practices. That’s why our succulent substrates are easy to re-wet.

Please note that this webpage features our standard product portfolio for succulents. If you’re looking for a more personal, more tailored approach, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts!