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Other berry mixtures

In addition to strawberry and blueberry mixtures, BVB Substrates offers a limited variety of high quality raspberry growing media and excellent mixtures for blackberries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a mixture that meets other specific requirements.

The cultivation of raspberries and blackberries requires an airy growing medium that offers a suitable stability and water-retention capacity. In addition, it is extremely important to avoid compaction.

We pay particular attention to these factors when mixing the ideal substrates for raspberries and blackberries.

For growing cuttings and young plants, we have created specific substrates that meet the needs of the growth phase. In these substrates, the water-retention capacity and stability are important considerations.

In general, we can provide growers with the standard products listed in the product lines presented on this page, or tailored mixtures designed to meet your specific requirements.

Raspberry Premium

This premium mixture is an optimal solution for varieties grown for a short period of time. Raspberry Premium matches the requirements and conditions for different raspberry varieties.

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Optimal composition

Raspberry Excellent

BVB Substrates’ Raspberry Excellent is the ideal mixture for raspberries, especially in the case of long-term crops. The composition is based on stable block peat fractions, with high-quality washed and buffered cocopeat and perlite.

This highly-stable raspberry mixture has excellent drainage properties combined with a high air capacity.

  • Safe for susceptible species
  • Retains water well
  • Excellent drainage properties

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We are ready to help you achieve the best results at your berry farm. Fill in the form on this page if you would like support or wish to receive an offer for one of our raspberry or blackberry mediums. growing