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Measured by value, the United States is the world’s number one food exporter. The Netherlands comes second, even though the country’s landmass is 270 times smaller. The cradle and the center of the horticultural sector is in The Netherlands: The Dutch are the pioneers in the horticultural world, and in particular: greenhouse growing. Dutch growers produce more food and high quality plants with fewer resources by using high-tech equipment and growing media for precision growing. With our excellent support and products you’ll soon be able to grow it like the Dutch!

NCSU Research results!

North Carolina State University has compared the performance of our growing media to the current market standard in the United States. Specialized growing media by BVB Substrates help growers beat the competition. Download our paper to find out more about the research results (including pictures from the trials that clearly show the differences).

Reach out to Victor Gonzalez, our Sales Manager in the USA, to receive more information, schedule an appointment or get an offer for the best growing media for your company!


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