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HYDRO Fit Green

HYDRO-Fit-Green is focused on boosting overall root health and performance in your crops. This novelty substrate is a medium-fine blend, offering optimal physical performance and water-air ratio. We’ve incorporated our alternative raw material – BVB Accretio – into this substrate to further benefit root health, root performance, and the pH- and nutrient buffer. 

The unique composition of HYDRO-Fit-Green means that plant roots can thrive under the influence of three specialised properties: optimal physical characteristics, an exceptional chemical/nutrient buffer and support from beneficial micro life.

Combining sustainability and performance

HYDRO-Fit-Green creates the foundation for exceptional plant performance, while also taking sustainability into account.

Our alternative raw material BVB Accretio has been tested extensively and proves to be a real star in boosting root development and health. The improved pH- and nutrient buffer of this substrate provide growers with a stable mixture with little fluctuations.

For which systems can I use HYDRO-Fit-Green?

This substrate blend is specially created for the successful cultivation of leafy greens. It can be used for NFT systems, in 19-55mm paper pots or closed gutters, and in DWC systems for lettuce heads.

This product is part of our special food safety testing protocol. We perform strict testing for harmful human pathogens and ensure product safety.

Hear from our customers!

Are you curious how other leafy greens growers experience our specialised growing media? Watch this video from Canadian lettuce grower Whole Leaf!