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BVB College: Learn and become future-proof

May 10, 2023

Innovations and research are omnipresent within the horticultural sector. Growing becomes more and more demanding and there are new requirements to meet every day. Kekkilä-BVB offers its BVB Substrates customers additional support in these challenging times through our BVB College.

The purpose of our BVB College

Several times a year, during these masterclasses that are part of the BVB College, a practical challenge in cultivation is looked at more closely.
By sharing up-to-date, in-depth knowledge about topics such as pH or sustainability, BVB Substrates increases the knowledge of their customers on important cultivation processes. This will make our entire industry more resilient in these fluctuating market conditions. Our BVB Colleges are also available and tailored to an international audience.

Now, let’s have a look at one of our most recent editions of the BVB College on sustainability and hear what the participants thought of it!

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Contact your sales advisor if you’d like to participate in one of our BVB Colleges.