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BVB Green Plus: The next generation of casing soil

May 15, 2023

BVB Green Plus is the new generation of casing soil, offering the modern mushroom grower all he needs to stand out from the competition! With growing interest in the market, we’ve explored various options to create casing soil out of alternative raw materials with a relatively small footprint. That’s why this innovative type of casing soil takes both crop performance and sustainability into account. BVB Green Plus exists of high-quality peat products, combined with a special type of green compost. Thanks to our unique production process, these constituents offer the right properties for mushroom cultivation.

The proven performance of BVB Green Plus

Just like for all our other casing soils under the BVB Substrates brand, product safety and quality come first with BVB Green Plus casing soil. That’s why we’ve subjected this new, unique casing soil to extensive tests in our specialised laboratories. In addition, we’ve collaborated with a number of high-tech mushroom growers in the Netherlands, to test the performance of this casing soil at a larger scale, at their production sites.

With BVB Green Plus you get the performance that you know, and can rely on, with a reduced footprint! Our new innovation makes sustainability a piece of (mushroom) cake!

Ask our experts for the possibilities to try BVB Green Plus casing soil in your market!