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Future-proof your strawberry farm!

January 15, 2021

This February we have hosted a series of three webinars on strawberry cultivation. In this article you’ll read more about the topics we’ve cover. The webinars are available for rewatching in December 2021 for one month only!

BVB Substrates has been the expert partner in strawberry cultivation in Europe for many years. We strongly believe efficient ways of growing in a controlled environment is the future. To support American strawberry growers and help you future-proof your strawberry farm we’d like to share our findings through the recordings of our live webinar series on this topic.

Only available until the end of 2021!

Webinar topics: Future-proof your strawberry farm 

During three 1-hour live sessions we’ve covered the main topics in strawberry farming. These interactive live sessions were recorded and can be watched via the links below.

How to join future live webinars?

If you are interested in any future webinars we will be hosting, make sure to follow our LinkedIn page and keep an eye on our website.

Don’t hesitate to inquire for more information or an upcoming schedule with our team.