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Let’s talk lettuce this lettuce month!

May 3, 2023

It’s lettuce month! In the United States, May is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating one specific crop: lettuce! Let’s seize this opportunity to look back on the series of articles related to lettuce cultivation that we published earlier this year!

Physical performance of substrates

In this first article, we take a close look at the physical performance of substrates and how this benefits your plants. We go through topics like hydrodynamics, and pore size distribution to get a good understanding of the way the physical properties of a substrate can support plant roots.

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Best soilless substrate performance for leafy greens in hydroponic systems

If you’re not done reading about factors determining the performance of growing media, you’ll be happy to jump into this short article next. Substrates structure and long-term stability are covered in this one. We’ll also have a look at tests for human pathogens.

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Beneficial micro life in substrates

As microbial life plays a big part in growing media, we’ve dedicated one of the articles in this series to this topic. Have a look at this story to learn how these little guys help your lettuce thrive!

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What’s happening in the root zone?

If you’re hoping to gain a better understanding of the processes that take place in the root zone of your lettuce plants, dive into this article! Our expert explains all about chemical processes taking place around the roots.

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