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Why hygiene is important when growing medicinal cannabis

June 7, 2021

One of the important factors to take into account when growing medicinal cannabis, is safety. Your product will be used by people to effectively manage their illness and improve their quality of life. They typically tend to have a weakened immune system, which makes it even more relevant your medicinal cannabis does not burden it.

The cultivation of medicinal cannabis should therefore be free of any harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi or parasites. In addition you would want to avoid the use of pesticides as these could cause risks as well.

Hygiene in a controlled environment

Creating a clean and hygienic environment for your crops to grow in is crucial to this. By growing in an advanced greenhouse you can fully control the climate and irrigation and monitor your plants carefully. This way you can avoid issues with mold or algae that might occur if the humidity is too high or temperature is off.

Hygiene through growing media

BVB Substrates has a firm grip on its raw material sources. This results in safe growing media and traceability of every single cubic yard of product back to the source. Our raw materials come only from certified, thoroughly tested sources, and we offer external lab tests for every batch we deliver to ensure our customers are always safe. For any consumables grown in a greenhouse environment, BVB Substrates offers safe media, free of any kind of harmful pathogens and way below recommended limits of heavy metals.

BVB Substrates offers various types of growing media for cannabis growers. Mixtures containing high-quality European peat offer a strong structure, an excellent balance between water and air content and an even water distribution. When picking your growing media hygiene is also something to consider. You might think the safest option is to sterilize the growing media before use, right? Well, we certainly do not recommend doing that when using BVB Substrates products for medicinal cannabis.

Our growing media contain high-quality European peat. This clean raw material naturally contains quite some micro-organisms. This is actually a good thing. The micro-organisms that occur in this fully decayed material are beneficial to you cultivation and help keep harmful micro-organisms out.

By sterilizing the growing media before use, all activity would be destroyed, making the material susceptible to micro-organisms that do cause risks to human health. If you’d like to learn more about the safety of the naturally occurring life in peat-based growing media, make sure to read this article: Safe growing media

Coir-based growing media

In addition we also offer growing media based on coir. We always wash our coir thoroughly to make sure it is safe to use. Depending on the mixture and the grower’s needs we also process buffered coir.

Would you like to learn more about the safety of our growing media, or the products we offer for the production of medicinal cannabis? Contact our team!