Cocos products of BVB Substrates 

In recent years, BVB puts a lot of time and effort in the development of various coir products.

Coir substrates are made of the outer layer of the coconut: the shell. At the plantations, the inner part of the coconut containing the cupra (the white part) is separated from the outer part. As the substrates are always made of coconuts of the same age and from the same plantations, BVB is able to guarantee uniformity. The fibres are taken from the inner part of the shell, after which they are stored for several months. The soft material decays, leaving only tough and inflexible bark. After this process the shells are processed by machines into coir pith or cut and broken into coco chips (fine and medium).

Cocos – washed or buffered


Some crops are very sensitive to salt concentration in the rhizosphere. For vegetable crops amongst others, most growers prefer to have a washed material to avoid surprises with high EC’s. The coir will be flushed to an EC level below 1,0 mS/cm or on demand even under 0,5 mS/cm.


Washing removes only elements soluble in water, buffering also removes elements which are naturally attached to the negatively charged complex (the chemical structure). During the buffering process, the exchange complex is saturated with a solution of calcium nitrate. The absorbed calcium displaces the residual potassium and sodium in the complex, which are washed away leaving a very clean coir, specially suitable for softfruit cultivation, such as strawberries. This treatment is supervised and checked by our R & D center. As strawberries are very sensitive to high salinity and calcium deficiency, BVB Substrates recommends well buffered and flushed coir for strawberry cultivation.

Cocos products available



Coir is made from coconut husk. The husk which grows around the hard coconut core contains both fibres and fine materials. For airy, fine substrates we use coir (cocopeat / coir pith), this is the fine material that is left after the fibre of the husk has been removed. Coir has a high AFP (air filled porosity) and absorbs water easily. It is a stable material, for good root development of the crop and a quick start of the cultivation.

BVB Substrates offers the possibility to ship full container loads of 5 kg bricks either in bulk or palletized, shipped directly from the factory in the country of origin to the grower. Bricks are available as regular material, washed material and treated material. Homogeneity and quality are guaranteed.

Other sizes available as well



Coarser substrates are made by cutting up the husk of the coconut. This, we call cocochips. Cocochips improves the capillarity in a substrate. Cocochips can absorb water and yet leave enough air available, which is ideal for sensitive plants such as Orchids.

Mixture coir & cocochips

The advantages of coir combined with cocochips give the substrate a higher air content and a higher water holding capacity. You can easy rewet this coir substrate, as it will easily uptake new water. Therefore it is perfectly suitable for hotter climates and for crops that need to be watered regularly without drowning the roots. BVB recommends a mixture (f.e. 70% coir + 30% cocochips) for plants that need uniformity.



This product is delivered as a compressed dry cocoboard sleeved in strong plastic foil which is UV treated and recyclable. BVB Substrates offers both white and black foil to suit different climates. After rapid expansion with a water and fertilizer solution, the BVB growbag is ready to be planted. The BVB wrapped cocoboards can be delivered with or without precut plant and drainage and dripper holes. They are easy to handle in the fields and very light in weight. We can customize the composition of the content, as well as the dimensions of the compressed grow bags.

BVB unwrapped compressed cocoboards

If growers prefer growing in troughs, BVB provides unwrapped compressed coco slabs to simply place in a trough and rehydrate to achieve its final volume. This gives a flexible method of growing. BVB Substrates offers customized unwrapped compressed cocoboards to specific demands in terms of composition and size.


Coco discs

BVB coco discs are available in different sizes and compositions. When the compressed rounded disc is wetted, it expends vertically and fi lls the plastic pot. No more pot filling with machinery or by hand (labor saving), low transportation costs thanks to the compact size, easy to store, easy to handle.


Coco anti weed slabs

Another excellent customized product tin our range: latex impregnated coco fiber weed slabs.

Avoid weeds on top of your propagation blocks and / or pots


Coco retail products

BVB Substrates supplies a wide assortment of coco products for the retail market. Small cocodiscs, compressed blocks, etc


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