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A new year filled with new opportunities

December 13, 2023

As the year draws to a close, it provides an opportune moment for reflection on the myriad events that unfolded in the past 12 months. Our global community of customers and experts experienced a dynamic year marked by innovations, challenges, and noteworthy moments.

This year multiple growers around the world made time to share their story in one of our videos. We’ve compiled a short video to celebrate each of them and highlight some of the beautiful things we’ve achieved together.

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With Sikes Mushrooms we’ve worked on various innovative projects, helping to enable them to reuse their casing soil being one of them. With Royal Berry, we pioneered a project to reuse the strawberry substrate from their facilities as a raw material in other production categories. With Whole Leaf we optimised the substrates’ water usage at their lettuce farm. With Beekenkamp we developed BVB Levo, a unique additive that improves the effectiveness of organic substrates. With Cuadraspania and Gipmans we improved the use of resources with our blocking substrates. And with Family Farms we helped optimally leverage local resources for the cultivation of blueberries.

Looking back on an eventful year

Throughout the year, our engagement with the professional growing community remained robust. Notably, the inauguration of our new casing soil production site in the Netherlands and our active participation in events such as IPM Essen, Aardbeiendag, TPIE, Indoor AgCon, GreenTech (Americas and Amsterdam), AGRI Malaysia, and the Morocco Berry Conference underscored our commitment to staying closely connected with growers across diverse categories, including strawberry, blueberry, mushroom, young plants, ornamental plants, vegetables, and leafy greens.

The introduction of cutting-edge digital tools, such as our Digital Substrate Advisor and the initiation of our customer platform, played a big part in equipping our experts and customers with timely and relevant information.

Our dedication to knowledge sharing was evident through strategic partnerships with organizations like Delphy ISFC and Plant Empowerment, as well as our internal initiatives like BVB Colleges. Additionally, we disseminated knowledge through unique animations and comprehensive web content, aiming to enhance accessibility and contribute to the global growth of the horticultural industry.

The most impactful innovations emerge from collaborative efforts with our valued partners and customers. The inspiring narratives captured in this year’s “Grower Stories” not only reflect our shared achievements but also make all our representatives feel proud to work with our brand!

A new year brings new opportunities

With 2024 on the horizon we continue to pursue knowledge and work on innovations. We invite all our customers and like-minded people in our industry to work on the future of this beautiful industry with us. Only by having the courage to renew and by sharing knowledge we can achieve our industry’s ambitious goals for the future.

We will continue to focus on the development of digital tools and content, as we at Kekkilä-BVB strongly believe that’s the way to deliver relevant information to customers at the right time. We will continue to develop and share knowledge and expertise and invite our customers to our BVB Colleges.

In 2024 growers can count on our brand to continue to offer high quality, consistency, and innovation.