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Creating smart solutions for fruit in Bulgaria

November 27, 2023

That’s the name and the goal of our latest international partnership aimed at helping the industry develop. The full name of the partnership is: Netherlands Fruit Basket Bulgaria: Creating smart solutions for fruit in Bulgaria. In this partnership, we team up with 12 other companies that are active in the cultivation of fruit in the Netherlands. This initiative will help the Bulgarian fruits industry develop towards a sustainable and resilient industry over the coming years.

It is a team effort by the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme from the Dutch government. This is an initiative that enables companies from the Netherlands to work on international concepts by entering into a public-private partnership. As an established international brand we know how to deal with the challenges that might arise from doing business abroad. By teaming up with other companies, we can help them bring their expertise to the growers in Bulgaria.

We aim to contribute to a resilient and sustainable industry, and we expect a flourishing future and plentiful harvest for the fruit growers in Bulgaria!

Other partners involved are:

Verbeek Boomkwekerijen B.V.

Boomkwekerijen Henri Fleuren BV

Fall Creek®

Genson Group

Puijk Fruit

Dick van Oostrum

VGB Watertechniek

FrostFans (Swift International)

Bato Plastics

Hol Spraying Systems


Geerlofs Refrigeration B.V.