BVB Substrates, the woldwide specialist in growing meda for city farming

A city farm is a sustainable, reliable indoor vertical farming facility. In these facilities high quality vegetables, herbs and fruits are produced in multiple layers systems. All year round and all over the world.

BVB Substrates offers three types of growing media that answer the specific needs of this innovative way of growing. Media with a lighter weight and suitable for each growing system. Solutions that guarantee an optimal food safety.

Types of city farm growing media

BVB Sublime is an innovative substrate from BVB Substrates, made of a polyurethane foam with a high pore volume and has been specially formulated for use in horticulture, it is extremely airy, hydrophilic and retains its shape

BVB Greenroll is made of long, natural rock mineral wool fibres. During the manufacturing process fibres are needled to each other, hereby a compact rock mineral wool blanket/felt will be formed without using any additional binders (no phenol-formaldehyde binders).

BVB Impress is based on sphagnum peat moss and consists of 100% natural minerals, without chemical additives. This patented product ensuring a substantially higher air content and guaranteeing good shape retention during the formation of the blocks. The product is suitable for all press-block machinery used by youngplant propagators.

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