Wide range of growing media products for flower cultivation

BVB Substrates produces growing media for the cultivation of flowers. Our knowledge and careful selection of raw materials allows us to offer a mixture according to your wishes and cultivation circumstances. Popular cut flowers are Rose, Gerbera and Chrysanthemum. In general those type of cut flowers are sensitive for dry periods, a mixture with an excellent water retention is very important. Cymbidium and Anthurium needs a more airy substrate with a low nutrients buffer while those crops are sensitive for high salt levels. Just some examples to express the importance of the right substrate for a specific cultivation.

Below a selection of growing media products related to flower cultivation

Types of flower growing media


Youngplant growing media

A wide assortment of all propagation products of BVB substrates. Press blocks-, tray-, paperpot and cutting mixtures. As well hydroponic growing media


Gerbera discs

The discs are made of a 100% high quality coco husk fraction. A high quality growing media solution. Fast and easy


cocos growbags

cocos growbags in different sizes and volumes. Different mixtures available, directly shipped from our factory


Stonewool slabs

Multi-annual stonewool slabs for the cultivation of roses. Available in different sizes and qualities


Substrate mixtures

Different blends for a wide variety of crops. Custom made premium mixtures or Basic mixtures. Available in different volumes, from 70liter bags to 3000liter bales

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