Professional growing media for all crops and cultivations

On demand of growers BVB Substrates blends custom made mixtures for professional horticulture. These Premium mixtures will be produced according the grower’s preferable physical characteristics (such as water and air ratio) and chemical characteristics (fertilization). In addition to these Premium mixtures, we offer a wide range of standard growing media, the so called Basic mixtures, packaged in 150 liter, 200 liter and big bales.

Growing media product groups

Seeds & cuttings

A wide range of growing media for press blocks or paper pots, fine mixtures to fill trays and ready to use plugs for hydroponic usage.


A wide range of growing media for Bedding & Patio plants, Pot plants and Orchids. But also mixtures of Ericaceous-, tropical- and succulents plant types.



A wide range of growing media to grow vegetables from seed to plant. Various types of growbags with peat or coco. But also an-organic growing media based on poly-urethane foam or stonewool. (mineral wool)


Growing media for flowers. Coco discs for Gerbera and Rose cultivation and growbags for Rose cultivation. General mixtures for other types of flowers.


Soft fruits

Growing media for strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Packaged in grow bags or other types of packagings.

Raw materials

A wide range of raw materials: Pure peat, coco blocks, perlite, vermiculite, bark, etc.

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BVB Substrates supplies growing media to more than 80 countries worldwide


Custom made substrates

The collective name for all growing media which we provide is “substrate”. The majority of our substrates are the so-called potting soil mixtures. A potting mixture consist several raw materials and additives. Each raw material has unique physical- and chemical characteristics, which make the applicability for each raw material different. All raw materials are carefully selected by our purchase department and the incoming materials are under strict control of BVB Research. Thanks to long-term agreements with preferred suppliers, we are able to guarantee a consistent quality of these materials.

The base of a potting soil mixture consists of sphagnum peat, sod peat, peat and / or cocopeat. Other raw materials such as pumice, perlite, coconut fiber, bark, sand and clay can be added as well. Finally, lime and fertilizers will be added to reach the right pH- and EC level. Mixing is done by our modern production facilities with computerized systems.


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