High quality growing media for landscaping purposes

BVB Substrates produce growing media for all trees, plants and flowers in the public and semi-public area. Contractors, gardeners, authorities, sport courts and many other companies use our substrates to create the best foundation of growth. We have the best substrate for your project, from water features to parcs and from golf courts to green roofs.

Each project is unique and the substrate must be adjusted to the requested requirements. Water saving, nutrients level, structure and stability are just some factors which must be taken into account.

Types of Landscaping growing media


Landscape projects

high volume of substrates.  For new landscape project or re-develop landscape projects


Green roofs

a high quality light weight greenroof system named Urbanscape. High performances and easy to install


Green wall

More popular become greenwalls. Special growing media are required for these vertical objects.


Sport- and golfcourts

A healthy vegetation is needed to get the best results from the athletes. The substrate is an important factor to this.



Growing media especially developed for projects related to water saving and CO2 reduction

At the Foundation of Growth