Growing media for Orchid cultivation

In terms of market share, orchids are one of the largest plant family grown in greenhouses all over the world. Our orchid substrates meets the highest standards for the orchid-cultivation. The orchid market is a very dynamic and constantly changing market. At BVB Substrates we closely monitor the orchid market. Together with our in-house laboratories, we offer the best solutions to adequately respond to the changes in the orchid market. Growing methods and environmental developments are important pillars for us.

BVB Substrates distinguishes 3 main categories of growing substrate:

  • Transplant mix
  • Pot orchid mixes
  • Cut flower orchid mixes

Bark as main ingredient for Orchid mixtures

BVB Substrates supplies premium quality bark only. The bark is disinfected by steaming and sieved to supply the ideal fractions with a minimum of dust

1) BVB Orchid potting bark mixture with sphagnum

  • Growing media no:  23425
  • pH corrected: Yes
  • Fertilized: No
  • Structure: Medium
  • Usage: Special screened bark mixture with sphagnum moss (2cm fibre) suitable for potting of Orchids. pH +/- 5,5. EXTRA SCREENED
  • Packaging: 70 liter, Big bales

2) BVB Orchid Potting mixture with Coco (Pot Cymbidium)

  • Growing media no: 23085
  • pH corrected: Yes
  • Fertilized:  Yes
  • Structure: Medium
  • Usage: Mixture developed for Pot Cymbidium based upon cocochips and cocopeat(RHP). pH +/- 5,5 + Starting fertilizer
  • Packaging: 70 liter, Big bales

3) BVB Orchid youngplant mixture

  • Growing media no: 23088
  • pH corrected: Yes
  • Fertilized: Yes
  • Structure: Fine
  • Usage: Mixture of fine bark, perlite, aggrofoam and sphagnum especially developed for transplanting youngplants orchids  into trays or small pots. EXTRA SCREENED pH +/- 5,5  + Starting fertilizer
  • Packaging: 70 liter, Big bales

4) BVB Pine bark medium / coarse

  • Growing media no: 11661
  • pH corrected: No
  • Fertilized: No
  • Structure: Medium / Coarse
  • Packaging: 70 liter, Big bales


5) BVB Pine bark fine

  • Growing media no: 33417
  • pH corrected: No
  • Fertilized: No
  • Structure: Fine
  • Packaging: 70 liter, Big bales

Additional products


BVB Sphagnum

Shredded sphagnum moss which is radiation treated (free of weeds). Material is sun dried and pressed in bales. BVB Sphagnum is available in 2 fractions: fine fibre and long fibre. Also available in bales and plates


BVB Stonewool cubes

Square cubes of stonewool in the sizes: 1x1cm and 2x2cm. packaged in 1M3 carton boxes


BVB Aggrofoam

Polyurethane flogs, available in 2 fractions, fine (+/-10mm) and coarse (+/-19mm). Packaged in plastic bales of +/-25kg


BVB Vermiculite

A mineral product common used in horticultural sector, light weighted, porous and absorbs water quickly. Packaged in 100Ltr bags


BVB Perlite

A naturally occurring siliceous rock, sieved in fraction. Common used in mixtures to create more aeration. Used as pure growing media as well. Packaged in 100Ltr bags


BVB Coco products

Coir pith, fibres or chips. Compressed in bricks, blocks or planks. Various qualities and volumes available


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