Growing media for all plant types

The substrate is an essential component to provide a plant with water and minerals. Additionally, the right moisture and air balance of the growing media is needed to create a healthy growth. We identify the specific needs and circumstances, before we can offer the optimal substrate. Your crop and cultivation system are leading to create the best possible mixture. These custom made mixtures are known as premium mixtures, produced with high quality raw materials and additives.

The basic substrates are general quality potting soil mixtures produced from high quality raw materials and additives. These substrates meet the “basic” requirements of a growing media and create a successful foundation of growth.

BVB Substrates produce a wide range of mixtures for all types of cultivations in different packaging’s. The growing media will be packed in 70 liter, 150 liter, 200 liter, 300 liter or big bales.

A pre selection has been made to find the right growing media for your situation

Different types of growing media for plant cultivation

Youngplant growing media

A wide assortment of all propagation products of BVB substrates. Press blocks-, tray-, paperpot and cutting mixtures. As well hydroponic growing media.

Bedding & patio plant growing media

Substrates for annual plants, divided in different mixtures selected for different plant cultivations, such as Lobelia, Petunia, Begonia & Pelargonium.


Growing media for tropical plants

For all types of ornamental tropical plants, Anthurium and Spathiphyllum are well-known plants in this family. Stable mixtures suitable for any irrigation system.


houseplants growing media

For all types of ornamental pot plants. Stable mixtures suitable for any irrigation system, such as Euphorbia, Dracena, Kalanchoe, Ficus, etc


Ericaceous growing media

Substrates which are more acidic than other mixtures. Suitable for acid-loving plants like Rhododendron, Camellia, Hydrangea and Azalea

Orchids growing media

Substrates suitable for growing Orchids, also known as Phalaenopsis. The mixtures for these epiphytes are airy and can be made from bark, coco and sphagnum


Succulents and cactus growing media

Substrates for succulents and cactus. Drain well and adjusted nutrients level.

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Young plants need a growing media with the right properties, the substrate is the foundation of growth


At the Foundation of Growth