High quality growing media for the propagation stage

An important stage of the cultivation is the propagation stage for young plants. The seeds or cuttings must have a good quality, but just as crucial is the quality and structure of the growing media. For different cultivations and cultivation methods we produce high quality growing media products. A new development is BVB Impress, the new generation press block, which offers growers a lot of advantages.

BVB substrates produces other types of propagation mixtures as well, such as fine sieved mixtures to fill trays, mixtures for paperpots and superseedling, bio based mixtures and anorganic growing media like poly-urethane foam and stonewool (mineral wool) which are specially developed for propagation purposes.

Types of propagation growing media

Press blocks

Blocking peat is used by a large number of youngplant propagators to produce press blocks for raising flowers or vegetable seeds. BVB Impress is the new generation press block with great growing results


Fine sieved substrates to fill trays. Coarse materials will be sieved out with our modern mixing lines, ready to use mixture to fill trays manually or automatically. The mixtures are provided with starting fertilizers to achieve the best results



Specially produced mixtures to fill trays with superseedling machines. If desired the mixtures can be produced more sticky. The mixtures are provided with starting fertilizers to achieve the best results.

Paperpot & cutting

Specially produced mixtures for the production of paperpots or to use as growing media for cuttings. These mixtures are mostly provided with perlite to create air in the plugs.



When peat based mixtures are not preferable for propagation, BVB Substrates offers the possibility for plugs based on stonewool. Widely used in gutter- and floating systems, as well multiple layer systems


For bio based cultivations BVB Substrates have specially produced mixtures with organic raw materials and bio based fertilizers.

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