Wide assortment of retail growing media

BVB Substrates supplies a wide range of products for the consumer / retail market. From universal potting soils to bottles of nutrients. But also greenroof modules for residential objects and small packaging growing media for f.e orchids, roses, bonsai, etc.

In shorts, products which you will find in garden centers and DIY-stores.

Growing media retail product groups


Growing media

BVB Substrates supply growing media and soil improvers with private labels and BVB own brand labels. The BVB labels are Jardino, Jardino Basic, Jardino Bio and VAM. Our product range includes universal potting soil, soil for terrace plants, soil vegetable garden, garden soil, soil for seeds and cuttings and soil mixtures for special applications such as orchids, roses, heather or cacti.

Jardino Flu¦êssigdu¦ênger Orchideen 500ml


In addition to water and light, plants and flowers need nutrients as well. The Jardino assortment includes liquid fertilizers and solid fertilizers such as grains. In addition to regular nutrients BVB Substrates also provide organic fertilizers.


Clay granulates

Hydro grains are special clay granules expand by heating (expanded clay granulates). Such hydro grains are used for a wide range of applications and are available in different sizes.



Urbanscape green roof modules, specially designed for small surfaces. Light weight, easy to install and less maintenance needed


Coir products

Growing kits provided with cocodiscs, cocodiscs in different sizes, peatfree pop-up growing media and coco bricks.

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