Professional growing media for shrubs and trees

BVB Substrates provides a wide range of growing media for the tree nursery industry. Depending on your pots size, cultivation- and water system the ideal composition of the substrate will be composed. Besides the key raw materials, such as sod peat, cocos, white- and black peat, a number of additives can be add to the mixture. Additives like pumice, perlite, bark, sand and clay.

Growing media product groups

Young plants

Young plants benefit from stable and airy mixture consisting of sod peat, coir, pumice and perlite. BVB Substrates has a wide assortment propagation growing media, such as organic and hydroponic substrates



Perennials are usually grown outside in pots. More than 1000 species; from spices to ground cover and from short to long cultivation belongs to the group of perennials


Fruit trees & Shrubs

The production period of shrubs and fruit trees are typically longer than perennials. That is why we have more stable raw materials, like sod peat, specifically for this crop

Conifers & Christmas trees

For the cultivation of Christmas trees and conifers, BVB Substrates supply stable mixtures which are often provided with bark or pumice for optimal root formation.

Peat free

BVB Substrates supplies various products which can replace peat as a soil improver. Presently, we can produce 100% peat-free mixtures. BVB Substrates search for alternatives to sustainability continuously.


Mostly extra fertilizers are added for outdoor cultivations. Depends on customer requirements, regular or organic slow release fertilizers can be used. The quantity fertilizer depends on the duration of the cultivation. Together with our experts the right mixture will be produced for your cultivation.


To improve strength of plant / tree, BVB Substrates can add additives, which increase the resistance  against diseases and pests. By using natural (mold) additives, a reduction of fertilizers and pesticides can be achieved.

Custom made substrates

The collective name for all growing media which we supply is “substrate”. The majority of our substrates are the so-called potting soil mixtures. A potting mixture consist several raw materials and additives. Each raw material has unique physical- and chemical characteristics, which make the applicability for each raw material different. All raw materials are carefully selected by our purchase department and the incoming materials are under strict control of BVB Research. Thanks to long-term agreements with preferred suppliers, we are able to guarantee a consistent quality of these materials.

The base of a potting soil mixture consists of sphagnum peat, sod peat, peat and / or cocopeat. Other raw materials such as pumice, perlite, coconut fiber, bark, sand and clay can be added as well. Finally, lime and fertilizers will be added to reach the right pH- and EC level. Mixing is done by our modern production facilities with computerized systems.


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