Wide range of growing media products for vegetables cultivation

BVB Substrates supplies a wide range of substrates for the vegetables cultivation, from modern glasshouse hydroponic industry to open field cultivations. Substrates with different properties produced according to the requirements of the grower. Water retention, controllability, vegetative / generative nature, air ratio, volume and cultivation system are factors which need to take into account to get the best results.

BVB Substrates have the best possible growing media for your situation.

Types of vegetables growing media


Seedling substrates

Stonewool plugs, tray mixtures, super seedling and bio mixtures. The right substrate for your situation.


Peat growbags

Organic mixture blend with different raw materials according to your wish. Different growbag sizes and volumes.


Coco growbag

Compressed coco boards, available in different volumes and qualities.


Stonewool slabs

High quality stonewool slabs for hydroponic purposes. Based on Ecose technology – exist no chemical binders

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