The hydroponic growing media of BVB Substrates

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is the growing of plants in a soil less medium. The growing media used for these kind of cultivations, differs from soil based growing media. Hydroponic substrates must have a right air / water ratio, needs to drain well and must have great water holding capabilities. For the propagation stage BVB Substrates can offer 2 types of growing media.

BVB Sublime foam substrate and stone wool substrate

BVB Sublime

Sublime_plug_1BVB Sublime is an innovative substrate from BVB Substrates, made of a polyurethane foam with a high pore volume and has been specially formulated for use in horticulture, it is extremely airy, hydrophilic and retains its shape.

A wide range of plugs in different dimensions are available. These are specially designed for water cultivation, such as on gutter (NFT) systems and floating systems. The plugs can be used in new cultivation systems as well, such as LED multilayer systems to grow lettuce, herbs and cuttings. Important advantages of BVB Sublime with respect to other plugs are: the uniformity, the high air rate, light weight and that plugs can be saturated over and over again.

The material meets the high standards on food safety

The plugs are produced in sheets with a dimension of 600x400mm. Each plug can be provided with a seedling hole. 2 types of seedling holes are available.

BVB Stone wool

BVB Stonewool is developed with the patented ECOSE®Technology, which enables that the product is produced without using phenol-formaldehyde binders. BVB Stonewool is available in different plug dimensions. Most popular for propagation are round plugs supplied in trays.

EXTRA: Vermiculite

8883304_m Cover your seeds with a layer of vermiculite to avoid dehydration


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