Mushroom casing soil – Ideal growing media for mushroom growers

More than a hundred years’ experience make BVB Substrates your specialist for the very best substrate solutions. BVB Substrates is the leading casing soil supplier for professional mushroom growers. Our broad experience combined with modern production facilities and a strong desire for perfection make BVB Substrates a reliable partner, and because of all that we have a leading role in our sector. At BVB Substrates everything revolves around quality. BVB Substrates owns state-of-the-art production facilities and large storage capacities. The mixing lines and technology used ensure BVB Substrates generates high-quality products and is able to provide customized solutions.

Hygiene is extremely important in the cultivation of mushrooms. Therefor we produce and transport our casing soil according strict requirements and processes.

Mushrooms casing soil packaging possibilities



Bags are another packaging option for casing soil. With our state-of-the-art packaging lines, BVB Substrates supplies products in bags of various sizes. All pallets are provided with a watertight shrink-wrap to increase stability, maximize hygiene and assure long-term quality.

The Bags are available in the following sizes:

  • 3 litres – 600 bags per 80 x 120-cm pallet
  • 5 litres – 400 bags per 80 x 120-cm pallet
  • 50 litres – 51 bags per 80 x 120-cm pallet
  • 50 litres – 72 bags per 80 x 115-cm pallet

(for transport via sea container)

afbeelding (24).JPG


We produce Big bales in volumes from 2.25 m3 to 4.5 m3. The casing soil is pressed together, enabling a larger volume per pallet, consequently achieving significant reductions in packaging and transport costs. Another advantage is that Big Bales are sealed watertight, assuring the quality of the product even after long-term storage.

Major advantages of the Big Bale include:

  • Efficiency
  • Easy handling
  • Cost savings
  • Logistics dispensing system available
  • Environmentally friendly

Bulk shipments

Delivery of casing soil in bulk to all our customers in Western Europe. BVB Substrates owns a fleet of more than 70 trucks. Contact our export department and ask for an attractive quote.


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