Press blocks: BVB Impress – The new generation peat for press blocks

Blocking peat is used by a large number of youngplant propagators to produce press blocks for raising flowers or vegetable seeds. A very important raw material of these press blocks is black peat of which the availability will declines dramatically in the near future. For this reason BVB Substates introduced an alternative to the present blocking peat, named BVB Impress.

BVB Impress is based on sphagnum peat moss and consists of 100% natural minerals, without chemical additives. This patented product ensuring a substantially higher air content and guaranteeing good shape retention during the formation of the blocks. The product is suitable for all press-block machinery used by youngplant propagators.

The product offers convenience in the cultivation process, because blocks that have dried out will absorb water fast, which make it easier to control the crop. Besides, plants form a stronger root system, due to higher air content.

BVB Impress is lighter in weight compared to the regular black peat press blocks, resulting in up to 35% costs reduction of the logistic flows.



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