Save water and reduce CO2 with growing media of BVB Substrates

The landscaping industry is constantly evolving to ensure improved plant growth, resistance to environmental stress and soil erosion control management. Additionally, the sustainable aspect of landscaping solutions related to water conservation is becoming increasingly important.

Water saving and CO2 reduction are important factors for the development of landscaping projects

BVB Substrates is your partner to supply the so called “ pro climate ” substrates.

Urbanscape Landscape – water saving


Urbanscape is an innovative and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for landscaping areas such as residential gardens, golf courses, commercial spaces, cemeteries and public parks.

Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate, will be installed under the vegetation layer. The Urbanscape greenroll substrate is made of natural rock mineral wool fibres with superior water absorption and water retention properties.


High water conservation

Urbanscape Substrate provides fast and long term stable water re-absorption and water retention performance (proven by WOK and pF-Curve analysis). 1m2 of Urbanscape Substrate with 2cm thickness absorbs 17 litres of rainwater. Depending on type of local climate and/or weather season, up to 75% of water can be saved.

Reduced irrigation frequency

Urbanscape Substrate ensures that a proper amount of water is available for plant roots for long periods. Therefore, the need for an additional irrigation system is substantially reduced.

Reduced fertilizers consumption

Urbanscape Substrate binds fertilizers with water into small water reservoirs to supply more nutrients essential for the plant growth.

Improved root growth

Water available in reservoirs created by Urbanscape Substrates ensures proper plant roots growth and extensive root distribution.Urbanscape-logo

Stronger plants

Due to high water and fertilizer storage by Urbanscape Substrate, early and long flowering periods are ensured. Plants have also fast recovery after long dry periods

Greensand – CO2 binding

greensand zandloper-variatiesIt appears that there is a natural cycle which has held the earth’s temperature in balance for centuries: the weathering of rocks. Rock weathering is the natural reaction of the minerals in the rocks with the acidic component in the air, and that acidic component is CO2. Commonly occurring olivine is one of these rocks. Olivine binds CO2 in a natural way. We can speed up the weathering process by milling olivine into a fine powder and mix this “Greensand” in our soils. 1kg Greensand binds 1.25kg CO2. It is our commitment to minimize CO2 together! BVB Substrate compose the right blend for your project


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