Raw materials of BVB Substrates 

BVB Substrates is the number 1 growing media supplier. We produce ready to use mixtures, which could consist various raw materials,  like peat (sphagnum / peatmoss), cocos, perlite, sand, clay, compost, bark, pumice and others. During the production process additives, like lime, nutrients, wetting agent, etc, will be added to create a fertile foundation of growth.

If you are interested in raw materials and/or additives only, we can supply you these products as well.

A selection of raw materials



Different peat types can be supplied, like Sod peat, peatmoss and brown peat. These materials are packed in 150L, 200L or bigbales (up to 6 M3 per bale). Used in horticultural and landscaping projects. Also sphagnum moss compressed in bales and/or plates belongs to this group



Coir pith, fibres or chips. Compressed in bricks, blocks or planks. Various qualities and volumes available



A mineral product common used in horticultural sector, light weighted, porous and absorbs water quickly. Packaged in 100Ltr bags



A naturally occurring siliceous rock, sieved in fraction. Common used in mixtures to create more aeration. Used as pure growing media as well. Packaged in 100Ltr bags.



Premium quality bark sieved in the various fractions with a minimum of dust



Rock mineral wool boards

The patented ECOSE®Technology enables us to produce the product without use of phenol-formaldehyde binders

Custom made substrates

The collective name for all growing media which we provide is “substrate”. The majority of our substrates are the so-called potting soil mixtures. A potting mixture consist several raw materials and additives. Each raw material has unique physical- and chemical characteristics, which make the applicability for each raw material different. All raw materials are carefully selected by our purchase department and the incoming materials are under strict control of BVB Research. Thanks to long-term agreements with preferred suppliers, we are able to guarantee a consistent quality of these materials.

The base of a potting soil mixture consists of sphagnum peat, sod peat, peat and / or cocopeat. Other raw materials such as pumice, perlite, coconut fiber, bark, sand and clay can be added as well. Finally, lime and fertilizers will be added to reach the right pH- and EC level. Mixing is done by our modern production facilities with computerized systems.


At the Foundation of Growth