Substrates for sport and golf courts

Special needs for substrates are required for the construction, maintenance and renovation of sport and golf courts. BVB Substrates has the right growing media for each purpose.

BVB Substrates can produce a mixture according your wishes. Additives, like fertilizers, wetting agent, mycorrhiza and others, can be added to the recipe. Resulting in less maintenance activities for green keepers or field managers.

Dress sand

Golf courts and sports fields must be dressed to get rid of bad spots. Improvements can be achieved with the right type of dress-sand. Important factors to this are water infiltration, organic matter, depth of rooting, microbial life, impermeable layers, and whether it is a new or existing object.

Dressing of sport fields / golf courts will improve the composition of the top layer, it will promote felt degradation and it will level the greens, tees and/or field.

Additional product range

BVB Substrates supply various types of sand products. Examples are bunker sand, dress sand, fairway sand and sand for sport fields.

Natural semi-hard surfaces such as Hans Grand® and shells for pedestrians can be supplied as well.


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