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New partnership in South Africa

March 20, 2023

We are proud to announce that Kekkilä-BVB and Nutrigro Substrates have teamed up to bring our BVB Substrates products and technical support to professional growers in South Africa. Nutrigro Substrates will support different growers within multiple cultivation ranges, varying from mushroom cultivation to the cultivation of soft fruits or even young plants and seedlings with our products.

We aim to better match the growers’ needs and be closer to them to offer support and knowledge through a trusted, knowledgeable partner. Together we will create a reliable and beneficial ecosystem for professional growers in the Southern African market, guaranteeing a reliable supply of high-quality substrates with efficient logistics.

More about Nutrigro Substrates

Family-owned company Nutrigro Substrates has been active in the Southern African market since 1985. Over the years, the Nutrigro brand has gradually become the number-one supplier of growing media in that market. Their values: Transparency, quality, customer focus, and trust, closely match the core values that we strive for at Kekkilä-BVB. Please have a look at Nutrigro’s website for more information!