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Grower story: EuroTree

June 28, 2022

Tree Nursery EuroTree Horst B.V. has been using BVB Substrates products for over 20 years. They use both substrate and covering agents from BVB Substrates. We have optimized the delivery and potting process together thanks to good cooperation and a strong relationship.

In this video, Bjorn van Megen, the commercial manager at EuroTree tells us about the growth their nursery has undergone during the past 20 years. The BVB Substrates brand has been at their side, supporting their growth and helping them achieve their goals during that transition. Together, we haven’t only focussed on delivering a top-notch product and achieving excellent plant growth, but we’ve also invested in optimizing the efficiency of the substrate delivery and processing processes.

Finally, Bjorn also shares that reliability and openness are really the keys to this lasting partnership. By being open, and sharing knowledge and skills, both partners know where they’re at. That’s how EuroTree and Kekkilä-BVB are able to work and evolve together.

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