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Grower story: Gipmans Young Plants

May 30, 2023

In this interview, Martin Willemsen, a grower at young plant producer Gipmans in the Netherlands, explains how they worked with Kekkilä-BVB to create the perfect blocking substrate. Thanks to the trials performed at Gipmans, we’ve been able to develop a portfolio of blocking substrate for the creation of press pots. Our product development manager Arjan Zwinkels explains more about the properties of BVB Substrates’ BVB Grandio at the end of this video.

At Gipmans in the Netherlands, they focus on the production of young plants. With approximately 500 million plants coming from their production sites, they are a real expert in the propagation of tomato plants, bell peppers, and cucumbers. In addition, they also grow young plants for lettuce, cabbage, and herb cultivation.

In the video their expert, Martin, shares that the company has vitality at its core. They aim to keep employees, customers, and crops vital by using resources responsibly.

It all starts with the substrate

Martin also explains that their success, and the health of their crops, really depend on Kekkilä-BVB providing them with a well-performing substrate. In 2019 the collaboration between Gipmans and Kekkilä-BVB intensified. At that point, Gipmans was looking to optimize the sustainability of their facilities.
Kekkilä-BVB’s Product Development Manager, Arjan Zwinkels, explains how thorough research and testing enabled us to create a BVB Substrates product that combines exquisite performance and sustainability.

BVB Grandio is ready for the future

At the end of this grower story, you get a look at the press pots Gipmans creates from BVB Substrates’ blocking substrate BVB Grandio. By combining ease of use, sustainability, and performance, plant propagators can take on the future!

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