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Grower story: Gitzels

March 22, 2022

Gitzels is a Dutch young plant producer specializing in various types of cabbage. With an average production of 160 million plants per year, the consistency in their growing media is of great importance.

Matthijs Woestenburg shows us around at greenhouse of Gitzels.

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The team at Gitzels is intensely focused on living up to their promises. They are always looking for ways to improve their own performance, as well as the performance of their crops. That’s what makes our BVB Substrates brand an excellent match for them! Together with our experts, Gitzels can make their production live up to its potential.

In this video, Matthijs Woestenburg shows us around the greenhouse. Matthijs takes care of the growing process of the young plants. He shares that Gitzels Young Plans produces various types of young plants like broccoli, multiple types of cabbage, and cauliflower. As mentioned, they produce around 160 million young plants a year. This comes down to one-third of the entire cabbage production in the Netherlands! That certainly is an impressive number to be proud of.

Doing the right things, at the right moment

As Matthijs sees it, successfully growing young plants is all about doing what the crop needs, when the crop needs it. Although a greenhouse provides a controlled and sheltered environment, this doesn’t mean that growers can sit back and relax. The climate needs to be controlled, the irrigation strategies have to be carefully planned and executed.

Gitzels started working with Kekkilä-BVB and in particular our BVB Substrates brand when they were looking for ways to grow young plants organically. They needed a partner that didn’t only provide this type of growing medium but could also support them with the knowledge needed to adjust their growing methods. This worked out so well, and had such excellent results, that now, Gitzels grows all their plants organically!

It all starts with the quality of the substrate

During the tour, Matthijs mentions that his team focuses on the quality of their crops. That quality is determined by the quality and performance of the substrate. Especially the structure and coarseness of the mix are relevant when growing in these very small trays.

Matthijs also mentions that, in addition to an innovative approach, honesty and reliability are essential traits they look for in a supplier. That’s why they highly value the partnership with Kekkilä-BVB. The substrate is of constant quality, and it’s always delivered at the right moment. What they appreciate most, is that it’s easy to get in touch with their BVB Substrates contact and that they know they can trust him to act in their best interest.

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