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Grower story: Rossberries

April 19, 2022

Products by BVB Substrates are used all over the world and help different types of berry growers deal with market demands and challenges. For this video, we travelled to one of our customers in South Africa to see how they grow their blueberries.

Blueberry farm Rossberries in South Africa opens its doors to us. Owner Chris Rossouw tells us a little more about this beautiful company and his experiences with the professional growing media by BVB Substrates.

Firstly, Chris shares that the soil in Cape Town is not suitable for the cultivation of blueberries. That’s why Rossberries decided to grow them in containers filled with our specialized substrate. Secondly, he shares that, although they have excellent knowledge of the needs and behaviors of the crop, knowledge of the substrate properties and performance is different expertise. Chris is very happy to have a knowledgeable partner that can help them out with any challenges regarding the growing medium.

The performance of the tailored blueberry substrate that Rossberries uses outperforms any other products Chris is familiar with. The water retention in particular is exceptional.

Discipline and trust

As a former professional rugby player, Chris highly values discipline and trust and uses them as core values in his business. Being able to trust his suppliers and to rely on us to deliver excellent substrates at the right time, is crucial to him. Additionally, he shares that the knowledge and expertise our representatives brought along have helped them tremendously.

Social responsibility

The job market in South Africa can be tough. Chris is proud that his blueberry farm creates opportunities and jobs for local citizens. As he sees it, blueberry cultivation creates hope for a better future.
Finally, he mentions that Rossberries certainly plans to expand its business over the coming years, creating even more jobs.

At the end of the video, we get a short insight into Chris’ personal history as a professional sportsman. He explains that his ability to make important decisions quickly helps him as an entrepreneur.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts if you’d like to know how we can support your business! We’re ready to share in-depth expertise and high-quality growing media.