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Grower story: Symtomax

June 12, 2023

Did you know the experts at Kekkilä-BVB can help you take organic substrate from our BVB Substrates brand into use at your facility on a large scale? Watch this interview with Matthew Butters, head grower at Portuguese medicinal cannabis producer Symtomax to learn more.

Symtomax is working hard to develop its largest European cultivating site for medicinal cannabis in Portugal. They aim to create products that really help people live healthier lives by including every step of the production chain. They are expanding their knowledge by doing research and cultivation trials, as well as optimizing the way the products are processed and distributed.

Research at the heart of a partnership

As Symtomax holds its products to the highest standards to make sure that they supply the very best to the healthcare industry, they were looking for a substrate partner that matches these standards.
In this video, their facilities manager explains that together we’ve been able to fine-tune the substrate composition by taking tissue analysis of their crops. That way they have been able to significantly reduce the use of resources like nutrients.

Using organic substrates at scale

One of the challenges Matthew mentions that we’ve overcome together is the use of organic substrates for the entirety of their medicinal cannabis production. We’ve managed to support Symtomax with an excellent product for every specific growing phase and in-depth knowledge of growing methods and nutrition, enabling them to take control of the success of their crop.
At the end of the video, Matthew shares how proud he is that Symtomax cares about the quality of its product and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

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