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Growing media for automated processes

April 18, 2020

If you are using a hydroponic system, or another automated system at your farm, it’s really important to select suitable growing media. Continue reading to learn more.

When a grower is using a high-tech, automated system, it is really important that the growing medium doesn’t interfere with the system functionalities. Instead, it needs to support the system and, where possible, even improve the results. This article explains what you should keep in mind when selecting the right growing media for automated processes.

Hi-tech growing methods require hi-tech growing media

One of the things our Sales Advisers always check, when recommending a certain growing medium, is the growing method used in the farm. Different growing systems have an impact on the quality of the growing media, but a poorly chosen mixture could also interfere with these systems. As a result, the system could even stop working.

Lettuce growing in automated processess NFT

NFT systems

One of the systems used in the cultivation of lettuce is the Nutrient Film Technique. This system calls for really specific properties. The growing medium best suited for this system is a mixture from which all the dust has been removed. This is because dust can cause the equipment to become dirty and the hydroponic equipment can easily get blocked by dust.

Narrow trays in floating systems

A different system commonly used in the cultivation of lettuce and herbs is a floating system with extremely narrow trays. These automated systems call for a growing medium that fits well in narrow spaces. We have produced a special innovative growing medium that perfectly supports this growing method. Have a look at our products to find out more.

Consistent quality and balance

Nearly all automated growing processes require the use of growing media with a consistent quality and performance, in order to best support the technology. When you buy BVB Substrates products for Lettuce & Herbs, you are ensured of a consistent quality thanks to our ongoing quality checks of the raw materials as well as the end products. If you would like to learn more about our laboratories and testing facilities, have a look at our R&D page.

In order to keep your systems running smoothly, the mixtures also need to have a consistent fraction balance. To make sure the system will continuously perform well, here can’t be any impurities in the growing media. We use modern screening technologies and quality control methods to ensure you receive excellent mixtures without any sticks or lumps. These mixtures are also developed for exactly these types of systems.

Physical and chemical properties

Properties like the air and water content, water uptake and release, pH-buffer and the EC need to be stable in order to achieve the best results with automated growing processes. BVB Substrates products are composed of premium quality raw materials. This guarantees growers are supplied with stable mixtures that will really support their automated processes.

Support and follow-up services

Technologies and growing methods are advancing quickly. That’s why we think it’s important to provide our customers with the best technical support. We keep an eye on the global market developments and are constantly working to create new growing media. In this way, we are able to offer products that best support the latest developments.

Ask our Sales Advisers for help if you want to learn what type of growing medium is best suited to your farm!