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Interview: Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants

December 15, 2022

Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants celebrates its 85-year anniversary! We visited one of their production sites to celebrate with them for an interview. Their strong collaborations with other growers and partners worldwide set them apart. In this video, Jochem tells more about their future plans and how Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants works on innovations together with Kekkilä-BVB.

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At the start of this video, owner Jochem introduces himself. He runs the company with his wife Marjolijn. Where he is the head grower at their operation, and partially takes care of purchasing resources and marketing their products, Marjolijn focuses on the people that work at Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants. They focus on the production of high-end bulbs (like Amaryllis and Zantedeschia). Family-owned business Vreugdenhil B&P has become one of the larger companies of its kind with approximately 125,000 m2 of greenhouses at 3 locations in the West of the Netherlands.

We’re proud of our people!

Firstly, Jochem mentions that he really admires the way his team cooperates. He is especially happy about the good teamwork between their different locations. Secondly, he shares that he is also very proud of the external relationships and partnerships that have been established. He cooperates with other local growers, but they are also working with partners in Zambia, South Africa, and Latin America.

 Supporting African wildlife through bulbs

A couple of years ago Vreugdenhil Bulbs and Plans started working with a charity in Africa to help protect the ecosystem. Through their collaboration, this partner is able to improve the protection of their native carnivores against poachers. Building on this successful collaboration they have also decided to support a charity project in a local zoo in the Netherlands. Here they contribute to the protection of meerkats in their natural habitat, as well as the upkeep of the meerkat enclosure at the zoo.

Working with Kekkilä-BVB

Vreugdenhil Bulbs and Plants and Kekkilä-BVB have been partners since 2014. They heard about our products and expertise through a different local grower that was using our specialized substrates. Jochem also shares that, with the products from BVB Substrates they will be able to meet their sustainability goals  and the demands from the market. For Vreugdenhil sustainability also means that they need to focus on their emissions, and the emissions of their customers (caused by their products).

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