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Reference story Country Mushrooms

October 6, 2021

Casing soil by BVB Substrates is used by many different growers all over the world. Let’s have a look at one of our long-time customers in South-Africa: Country Mushrooms.

Nichol Muller has been working as the Managing Director of Country Mushrooms since 2009. They grow 28,521 square feet of white and brown mushrooms per week in their advanced production site in Bapsfontein. Nichol proudly introduces his company: “With a balanced combination of innovative technology, improved cultivation methods, and knowledgeable growers we grow high-quality mushrooms. As a team we work towards the same goals, being as efficient as possible.”

SA Mushrooms - Nichol


Country Mushrooms and the environment

The modern mushroom farms at Country Mushrooms invest strongly into sustainable practices. “At the moment environmentally friendly packaging materials are being researched, and we always take great care of our water management by using our resources as effectively as possible.” Nichol adds. Read more about their take on “Farming for the Future” online.

SA Mushrooms Africa

Nichols started working as Head of Maintenance at Country Mushrooms in 1996. By showing interest in how the growing was done and ongoing innovations he moved to the position of Production Director. It makes him proud to see how the company has changed and improved to becoming future-proof over the past years.

“Country mushrooms is the only mushroom farm in South Africa with a solar roof. We are one of the bigger growers and we provide jobs to 285 people. In addition to that, we supply people with healthy food.” Nichol explains.

Country Mushrooms and BVB Substrates

Country Mushrooms aims for efficient water management by using BVB Excellent Heavy casing soil. This high-quality casing retains water well, which means they need to use less irrigation water and fewer chemicals. This adds to reaching their sustainability and effectivity goals.

“We’ve been importing growing media by BVB Substrates for 20 years now. In addition to their casing soil, Kekkilä-BVB is always helping out with additional loadings like foil or sticky tape in shipments from the Netherlands. To us, it’s important to have open communications. Kekkilä-BVB proves to be a trustworthy and reliable supplier that is always ready to help us out when we need them.” Nichol shares.