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New packaging

July 6, 2021

Over the past months the new packaging for our trusted products has been introduced to customers. Not all products are delivered in the updated designs yet, but this will soon be the case.

Your trusted substrate brand’s packaging has been given a modern and fresh rebranding! Perhaps you have already seen these new designs on our website or in your latest orders.

BVB Substrates packaging

With this new packaging design we want to do justice to our modern and state of the art products. This way we want to make sure they not only perform as they should, but also look the part.

Moving from the old to the new

Not all orders are packed in the new bags and wrappings yet. As we highly value sustainability and aim to limit our environmental footprint where we can, we keep using the old packaging that we still have in stock, instead of discarding it.

As soon as our stock runs out the packaging will be replaced by our new designs. Look out for our modernised bags in your upcoming orders!

Trusted quality in a new jacket

With this rebranding we haven’t changed what’s inside of the bags. It’s still the tailored and familiar high quality substrate you have been working with.