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Grower story: Beekenkamp Plants

October 24, 2023

This story is an excellent example of how we can achieve the best results when we work together. In this video about Beekenkamp Plants, a young plant producer from the Netherlands, we explain how one of our optimised organic growing media came into existence. Through trials, at this customer, we’ve been able to optimise our special additive BVB Levo

At Beekenkamp Plants numerous types of young plants are produced. Dimitri, their cultivation coordinator is responsible for the growing strategy and research for the young vegetable plants that they produce for open-soil cultivation. Sustainability in the shape of climate control, efficient use of water and nutrients, and substrate choice play a big role in the company.

Watch this video to hear more about all the research and development they have done over the past years!

What’s BVB Levo?

In this video, Dimitri and John talk about BVB Levo. We have developed a special additive suitable for the organic cultivation of vegetables, herbs, and plants (SKAL/Fibl label). Over the past years, a lot of growers have been trying to make organic cultivation work for them. The switch to organic fertilisers can however pose some challenges. We’ve seen growers struggle with rising pH values and unsteady levels of ammonium during the cultivation cycle. This results in less controllable processes and loss of growing-ease and efficiency.

These are exactly the challenges that we help growers overcome with our organic substrates containing the additive BVB Levo. By using the BVB Levo for organic cultivation methods, we create a pH buffer, while we also make sure that sufficient nitrifying bacteria are built up immediately at the start of cultivation. These bacteria contribute to a fast and even nitrogen release.

More efficient use of nutrients with BVB Levo

BVB Levo optmizes the number of available nutrients that are released from organic fertilizers. This means that the plants will be able to uptake more nutrients, from the same amount of fertilizer. As a result, growers need to add fewer nutrients to achieve the same plant growth.

Currently, this additive is only available in specific markets, but we’re working on ways to expand the availability of substrates with the same performance. Reach out to our experts if you wish to learn more.