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Grower story: Cuadraspania

September 20, 2023

Cuadraspania specializes in the production of a range of species of endives. In addition, they produce lettuce and artichokes. Their production site in Spain takes up more than 1000 hectares. Cuadraspania uses BVB Grandio, which is BVB Substrates’ blocking substrate, to create press blocks for their young plants. These high-quality press blocks give these crops the perfect start they need during the early growing stages, as well as when they are finally transferred to open soil cultivation.

In this video, Jenifer shows us around their greenhouse and fields in Spain. Find out what Cuadraspania stands for and what they value in their relationship with Kekkilä-BVB and in particular our BVB Substrates representatives by watching the full video.

Modern and optimized

The company used to do everything by hand when it was founded in 1997. Although Cuadraspania now employs over 250 people, they have now automated and optimized many steps within the cultivation process. They have been a customer of BVB Substrates products for many years now, and we’ve been able to help them grow and expand their business.

In the video Jenifer poses that she thinks the success of the crop is determined at the nursery, starting with the quality of the substrate. In addition, a grower needs to have the right knowledge to determine irrigation and nutrition strategies for the crops that get the most out of these substrates. She shares that she is very happy about the way that our representatives share knowledge and help them move forward whenever needed.

We’ll continue to look at the future together while working on continuous innovations and improvements.