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Grower story: Whole Leaf Canada

May 31, 2023

Like Rindi Bristol from Whole Leaf in Canada shared: ”Using a great substrate from BVB Substrates ensures that our water uptake for each and every one of our plants is maximized, and the plant can turn that water into leaves.”. Watch the full video to hear more about this thriving lettuce cultivation site and how we are able to support them!

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Whole Leaf is a Canadian lettuce producer that focuses on the taste experience their crop provides. Their greenhouse facilitates five-hectare of lettuce production and was built in 2018. Even before the greenhouse was built, they have been in contact with the experts from our BVB Substrates brand.

In the video Senior Director Rindi Bristol shows how they grow a variety of types of lettuce hands-free. This high-tech facility allows them to grow approximately 18 million lettuce plants a year. That’s the equivalent of a 240-hectare open-field production site.

Responsible use of resources

Whole Leaf understands how substrate plays an important role in determining the end quality of their product, as well as the efficient use of resources during cultivation. Rindi also shares how the specialized lettuce substrates they use from our BVB Substrates brand help them optimize the water uptake and overall hydrodynamics at their site.

Next to that, Whole Leaf reuses water and has its own facility to reuse waste heat and CO2 at its production site, allowing them to use its resources even more efficiently.

Healthy products

In the video, Rindi also mentions how they can rely on us for providing them with a safe and human-pathogen-free product. This is particularly important when you focus on the production of a food product like lettuce. If you’d want to learn more about how we guarantee the safety of our substrates, have a look at this related article.

Watch the video to learn about this high-tech lettuce grower from Canada!