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Measured by value, The United States is the globe’s number one food exporter. The Netherlands comes second, even though the country’s landmass is 270x smaller. The cradle and the centre of the horticultural sector is in The Netherlands: The Dutch are the pioneer in the horticultural world, and in particular: greenhouse growing. Dutch growers produce more food and high quality plants with fewer resources by using high-tech equipment and growing media for precision growing. With our excellent support and products you’ll soon be able to grow it like the Dutch!

NCSU Research results!

North Carolina State University has compared the performance of our growing media to the current market standard in the United States. Specialized growing media by BVB Substrates help growers beat the competition. Download our paper to find out more about the research results (including pictures from the trials that clearly show the differences).

LaShelle Spencer
Lead Horticulturalist and Research Scientist
Amentum, Laboratory Support Services and Operations (LASSO), Kennedy Space Center, Florida

“Our goal at NASA’s Space Crop Production Facility, located at Kennedy Space Center Florida, is to supplement astronaut diets with fresh vegetables. In space, the line between flood and drought is quite thin. Therefore, figuring out how these crops will be grown is tricky work, with multiple strands of investigation required. Research utilizing growing media by BVB Substrates to grow these vegetables has been promising. After visiting the De Lier (NL) production site in January 2019, I found their personnel highly knowledgeable and their facility state-of-the-art. Their knowledgeable staff has made our collaboration with BVB Substrates a beneficial one.”

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We offer tailor-made, high-quality growing media that is adjusted to match different crops, growing systems and climate conditions. Have a look at our range of crop categories to find the type of mixture that is best suited to your professional business.

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